Zen Habitats 4’x 2’x 2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure Review

A large and aesthetically pleasing enclosure for low humidity reptiles.
Zen Habitats4x2x2 Reptile Enclosure
Zen Habitats 4x2x2 Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure is ideal for low humidity reptiles.

I have been keeping herps since I was 10 years old. I explored the canals near my childhood home for introduced African clawed frogs and American bullfrogs and the fields behind my home for fence lizards and alligator skinks. I collected toad eggs and released the toadlets in my yard as well as in the drainage ditch where they originated. I’ve had many reptiles over the years and I’ve purchased enclosures from all the major manufacturers to house them.

A relative newcomer to the market, Zen Habitats, offers a range of enclosures that take a different approach to enclosure design and the company’s 4’x2’x2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure piqued my interest. It is large and has an aesthetically (and functional) pleasing look (it matches the bamboo flooring of my house). The company sent one for review and here are my thoughts.

The Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure is designed for reptiles that require lower humidity levels, such as bearded dragons, uromastyx, and other desert lizards and snakes that require 50 percent or less humidity. Too much humidity in this enclosure can damage the composite wood panels. Zen Habitats offers a similar enclosure that uses PVC panels for high humidity applications. The PVC model also supports under tank heating elements and is ideal for both desert and tropical reptiles.

Zen Habitats Snowy

Snowy my California kingsnake has plenty of room to roam and burrow.

Zen Habitats Construction And Assembly

The Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure is constructed of a bamboo laminate composite wood panel that the company says is better than glass at retaining heat. The frame of the enclosure is made of machined aluminum, the top is a galvanized steel screen and the doors are acrylic.
This enclosure requires assembly. It consists of 12 aluminum frame bars, plastic corner connectors, the galvanized steel screen top, the bamboo laminate wood composite bottom panel, rear panel and two side panels, the two acrylic doors with door knobs and the wire grommet that offers pass through for power cords.

Zen Habitats4x2x2 Reptile Enclosure Packs Flat

The enclosure ships flat.

Assembly is straightforward. Virtually anyone who can read the included instructions or watch the YouTube assembly video should have no problem putting this enclosure together correctly. It is that easy. Although the instructions say a rubber mallet is optional, I would change that to required. It makes assembly so much smoother and quicker.

Zen Habitats4x2x2 Reptile Enclosure Clearly Labeled

The frame is clearly labeled making assembly super simple.

The only issue was with the paper tape that covers the acrylic doors to protect them from scratches. The tape was sometimes stubborn to remove, but the paper still came off fairly easily and for the most part in several large chunks. Once assembled, I placed the enclosure on a vintage wood aquarium stand. The stand wasn’t wide enough so a trip to Lowe’s for an exact cut 4 feet x 2 feet shelving board placed atop the stand made the perfect perch for the enclosure.

Zenaluminum Frame

The frame is well-constructed. A rubber mallet should be required to assemble the enclosure. The mallet makes it even easier.

First Impressions

The Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure is very pleasing to the eye with its bamboo laminate composite wood panels coupled with its finely machined aluminum frame and galvanized steel top. The fact that you are unable to peer into the enclosure via the side and back panels should give your reptile more sense of security. The sides and back are also non-reflective, which also possibly reduces stress for your pet as it doesn’t see its reflection.

Zen Habitats4x2x2 Reptile Enclosure Very Spacious

The enclosure is very spacious.

The front access sliding doors are also designed with reptiles in mind, making it easier for you to handle them when needed without overly stressing the animals. The size of the enclosure gives your reptile plenty of space to roam, and creating a temperature gradient is easy because of the space available in this enclosure. The enclosure is ideal for those reptiles that don’t require as much humidity. For reptiles that require high humidity, Zen Habitats offers the aforementioned PVC model. The company offers a variety of habitats sized for your specific reptile, as well as matching enclosure stands, stacking spacers to stack your enclosures, and for this model, an extension kit that will enlarge the space to six or eight feet. In all, I am impressed with the beauty and functionality of this enclosure.

Zen Habitats

• Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Wood Panel Reptile Enclosure
• $US329 ($US389 for PVC version)
• Three year warranty

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