Uroplatus pietschmanni: No. 61 On ZSL's EDGE List Of Endangered Reptiles

April 25, 2018

Uroplatus pietschmanni, a leaf-tailed gecko endemic to Madagascar was exported for the international pet trade in such large numbers that export of the species is now banned. It is number 61 on the Zoological Society of London's EDGE List Of Endangered Reptiles. The reptile, of the genus Uroplatus, is a master at camouflage. It is now under threat from rampant logging, forest clearing for mining operations and slash and burn agriculture. 

Uroplatus pietschmanni


Although captive breeding of Uroplatus pietschmanni takes place, output is considered too low.

Uroplatus pietschmanni is found in just three locations in Madagascar at 900-1200 meters above sea level. It is a forest canopy dweller, living in trees, sleeping during the day and active at night.  

Zoological Society of London Releases EDGE Reptiles List Of Endangered Species

Although captive breeding of Uroplatus pietschmanni takes place, output is considered too low. Other leaf-tailed geckos have found to be easier to breed, such as the broad leaf-tailed gecko (Phyllurus platurus). Uroplatus pietschmanni is found in a single region of Madagascar and is listed on CITES Appendix II. Its Conservation Attention is Very Low. 

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