Two New Lizard Species Discovered In Chile

Two new lizard species from Chile have been discovered and described in the journal ZooKeys.

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Liolaemus scorialis is found in volcanic rock formations and is known to exists in just two areas of Chile. Its snout to vent length is 69.9 mm with a tail length of 101.5 mm. It has a light brown head with dark brown lines running across it. The body is dark brown interspersed with horizontal stripes and light gray in the cheeks and eye area. The rest of the body is dark brown with some yellow and white scales. The throat, belly, limbs, and tail are gray. 

Liolaemus scorialis hails from Laja Lagoon in the Biobío Region of Chile at 1450 meters. It can also be found in the La Mula Lagoon in the La Araucanía Region of Chile. Its stomach content was examined and it was found to have both plant matter and insect matter within its stomach.

The second species, Liolaemus zabalai also comes from volcanic rock formations. It has a snout to vent length of 90.3 mm and a tail length of 92.3 mm. It has a black head with light brown spots around the eye and snout areas. Its body is also light brown with some black scales. 

Liolaemus zabalai hails from the Laja Lagoon region in the Biobío Region of Chile at 1450 meters. Its stomach content contained plant matter and no insect matter.  

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