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Desert Tortoise Survives Not One, But Two Utah Wildfires

A Mojave desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) was observed during a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources fire destruction survey in southern Utah with burn scars from the most recent Turkey Farm Road fire in July and the 2005 Mill Creek fire.…

Colorado Police Officer Helps Turtle Cross The Road

Officers with the Fort Collins Police Services in Fort Collins, CO happened upon a wayward snapping turtle on a busy roadway. The police officer carefully picked the turtle up, which proceeded to snap its jaw as it was picked up.…

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Butterflies Drink the Tears of Turtles in Stunning Video

When you think of butterflies, there may not be an immediate correlation to Reptiles, but they may have a more common relationship than previously thought. The Lepidoptera group, which includes moths and butterflies, have adapted to exploit obscure sources of nutrition, like tears. Butterflies and other…

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