Trademark Exotics and Piebald Ball Pythons

December 22, 2018

Ball Pythons

Once imported by the thousands from Africa, Ball Pythons (Python Regius) are now widely available in captivity from breeders. While some people have a typical 9 to 5, others breed reptiles for a living! This has taken the pressures off of wild populations being collected and has supplied the world with overall healthier animals. Breeders are an important part of the pet trade and awareness outreach, while also providing families and individuals with a way to make a living. With the growing amount of Ball Python morphs now available, they have quickly become one of the most popular species in the reptile hobby today. The infinite genetic combinations that come naturally from Ball Python genetics has made them quickly sought after by both enthusiasts and commercial breeders. 

Trademark Exotics


Ball Python's have variable genetics that can be selectively bred to produce many unique color mutations.


Trademark Exotics, an up and coming Ball Python company, specializes in captive breeding rare Ball Python morphs. Their high end collection highlights piebaldism, the naturally occurring color mutation that affect many reptiles, birds, and even mammals. Piebaldism is an irregular color mutation, typically black and white, that affect the feathers, fur, skin, and scales of some animals. Joshua Calleja, owner of Trademark Exotics, says this natural mutation is a favorite he'd like to share with the world. With selective breeding, beautiful patterns in Ball Pythons can be produced in a variety of shades, patterns, and colors. Trademark Exotics has a variety of piebald Ball Python combos, ranging in all types of colors such as the rare "Urban Camo" morph. Along with rare piebald morphs, the company stands out among Ball Python breeders today as they have gained quick popularity and reputation as a social media sensation with millions of likes and shares. 

With over 100,000 followers, quality animals, and social media successes, Trademark Exotics is easily among the top for high end Ball Python morph breeders. 

Although reptiles have been sensationalized, Trademark Exotics highlights that it is no easy task to keep hundreds of snakes healthy and maintained. A recent post showed a timelapsed video of the cleaning that takes place everyday with the caption, "so you want to breed snakes?" It certainly is not a get rich quick scheme and requires passion and patient dedication!

Choosing the Right Breeder

While some truly have a passion for reptile breeding, others see these snakes only as a dollar sign. This has unfortunately clouded the reputation of Ball Python breeding because some choose to exploit and neglect their animals, sending out weak and sick snakes. Choosing the right breeder is an important step for responsible pet ownership, and thankfully there are still quite a few reputable ones to choose from! If you are interested in high quality Ball Python morphs, specifically pieds, checkout Trademark Exotics' FacebookInstagram, and Youtube pages! *(Before buying or selling any type of reptile, always check state and federal regulations on the species.)

Piebald Ball Python Combinations from Trademark Exotics


Pastel Pinstripe Enchi Cinnamon Pied

trademark exotics

Urban Camo Pied Ball Pythons

trademark exotics

Pastel Pewter Cinnamon Pied

trademark exotics

Mojave Pieds

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