TheTurtleRoom Gets Tax-Exempt Status, Serves As Public Charity

April 24, 2019

TheTurtleRoom announced that it has been approved for federal tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. If you contributed to (as of August 18, 2018) or will contribute to turtle conservation efforts through TheTurtle Room, you will be able to deduct that contribution from your personal federal income taxes. 


the turtle room

TheTurtleRoom is now a tax-exempt conservation organization that works to ensure the survival of turtle and tortoise species around the world. 

"The IRS designation is a major win for turtle conservation and education,” tTR’s executive director Steve Enders said in a statement sent to “This status helps pave the way for us to continue and expand on programs like; producing outreach and education resources, Digital Chelonian Log, our in-situ and ex-situ conservation efforts to achieve ideal conservation-related outcomes, and begin early stage planning for the creation of a turtle research and conservation facility and new programs for education and supporting private keepers interested in conservation.”

The IRS approval of tTR’s tax exempt status is “"Further affirmation that tTR's multi-species approach to turtle education and conservation is of high value and truly worthy of support,” Chris Leone, tTR’s director of animal husbandry said. “We've chosen to take a broad approach to our mission. Rather than focusing on only the most endangered species or a specific geographic location, we've chosen to unfold a global umbrella. That includes giving attention to species that could face future threats."

TheTurtleRoom works to ensure the survival of turtle and tortoise species throughout the world via collaborative education, conservation and research programs. For more information, visit

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