Steve Irwin’s Dad Sad Over Cameraman’s Remarks About Crocodile Hunter’s Last Words

May 19, 2015

Bob Irwin, the father of Steve Irwin told ABC News Australia in a documentary that he was sad and angered that Steve Irwin’s cameraman for 15 years, Justin Lyons, went on Australian television last year and told the viewers that the Crocodile Hunter’s last words were “I’m dying.” 

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Crocodile Hunter's Cameraman Reveals Steve Irwin's Last Moments

Herp Expert Steve Irwin Interview

“I personally felt very sad and to a degree angry about what Justin had to say,” Irwin told the ABC News Australia. “For a lot of people trying to get on with their lives without Steve, it wasn’t something that helped by any means.” According to the report, there was apparently an unwritten pact that nobody reveal Steve Irwin’s last moments and Bob Irwin may have felt that Lyons may have violated that pact. Lyons cried on Australian TV when he detailed how Irwin tried to stay alive as they raced toward shore, and how Lyons spent an hour giving Irwin CPR  after having his chest pierced by a stingray “hundreds of times.” 

Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile Hunter, died nine years ago after he was stung by a stingray on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. He was filming a documentary on the world's deadliest creatures when he was stung by a stingray in chest deep water. His heart was punctured by the stinger and he died on his boat after lapsing in and out of consciousness.  Click here to view the documentary, "The Irwin Encounters" on the folks who worked with Steve Irwin. 


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