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Dragon Snake Care And Information

Xenodermus javanicus, or the dragon snake, is a small and unique species of Colubrid snake renowned for its unusual but fascinating appearance. Also known as the Javan tubercle snake, Javan mud snake, and rough-backed litter snake, the reptile sometimes exhibits…

Nuevo Leon Kingsnake Care Sheet

Most of the available captive bred Nuevo Leon kingsnakes are many generations removed from the wild due to the laws protecting their importation into the US.

Breeding Snakes

Trademark Exotics and Piebald Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons Once imported by the thousands from Africa, Ball Pythons (Python Regius) are now widely available in captivity from breeders. While some people have a typical 9 to 5, others breed reptiles for a living! This has taken the pressures…

Trump Pardons Snake Trafficker In Last Days Of Presidency

As one of his last acts as president, former President Donald J. Trump pardoned a man who was convicted of snake trafficking in the early 1990s. Robert Bowker was convicted of wildlife trafficking in 1993, after pleading guilty to trafficking…

ESA Protections Sought For Tucson Shovel-nosed Snake

The Tucson shovel-nosed snake (Chionactis occipitalis klauberi) a beautiful snake native to Arizona that is noted for its black and red stripes should be listed as an endangered species because the reptile’s prime habitat is threatened by urban sprawl, according…

Snake News and Information

Milksnake Captured In Florida Everglades

A Central American milksnake (Lampropeltis abnorma) was spotted in the Everglades National Park the week of February 25 and was safely captured by USGS biologist, Jillian Josimovich and biological science technician, Gretchen Anderson. The snake, which is popular amongst reptile…

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