Snake Catcher In Australia Saves Regurgitated Frog

June 22, 2018

A snake catcher who was called out to remove a common tree snake from a residence in Townsville, Australia got a twofer as he safely removed the snake AND saved the life of a dumpy frog that the snake had regurgitated during the removal process.

Posted by Townsville – Snake Take Away and Chapel Pest Control on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Jamie Chapel of Townsville-Snake Take Away and Chapel Pest Control wrote on his company’s Facebook page that he was called out to remove a snake that was in an elderly woman’s garden. When he arrived at the residence, he found the snake and noticed that it had a lump in its throat. Chapel, correctly, thought the snake had eaten a frog, and as he approached the snake, the snake did what all snakes do after they become stressed after eating a meal, it regurgitated it. 

White's treefrog

Krisda Ponchaipulltawee/Shutterstock

White's treefrogs are native to Australia, and oftentimes eat snakes, but the tables were turned in this incident.

Chapel then had two animals he had to deal with; the snake and the seemingly dead dumpy frog (Litoria caerulea), but when he went to remove the frog, he noticed some movement in its legs, according to his Facebook post. Chapel initially thought it was just nerves, but to be sure, he cleaned the mucous from the frog and began giving it frog CPR, tiny chest compressions to its chest. Chapel continued with the chest compressions for about a minute and revived the frog! 

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White's Treefrog Enclosure Information and Care

Chapel then gave the frog a full bath and washed and cleaned the wounds it received during the encounter with the tree snake.

As for the little dumpy frog? He survived the jaws of death and will live to hop on.

“The little frog is on its way to recovery now,” Chapel wrote on Facebook. “The cuts still need some time to heal and it’s eating on its own and it’s colour has come back so a few more weeks of feeding and rest it should be good for release.”


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