Reptiles Fun On Facebook

Awhile back, in one of my old “Random Neural Firings of a REPTILES Editor” blog entries, I commented on how writing a blog was an interesting new wrinkle to being a magazine editor. Little did I know that that was only the beginning, and that soon there would be many more wrinkles to investigate.

Take Facebook. I maintain two Facebook pages in addition to my standard duties as the editor of REPTILES. There’s my “Editor of REPTILES” page, though I don’t post there too often, and there’s also the official REPTILES magazine Facebook page. I’m on there a fair amount, “chatting” with the magazine’s Facebook fans, relating news, announcing our latest contests (both REPTILES and its companion website, ReptileChannel, hold many contests and raffles), posting goofy stuff just for fun, and answering questions and providing opinions. I’ll admit, I enjoy it.

Consider “liking” REPTILES on Facebook. It’s often the first place we make special announcements, and there’s a lot of reptile-oriented interaction. I also give away a free REPTILES subscription to a Facebook fan every month—reason enough to join!—so like our page and join the fun!

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