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The Best Reptile Misting Systems

Among the various environmental requirements you should know about any herp you keep is what relative humidity is normal in its native habitat and, therefore, what that should be in its vivarium. Humidity refers to the amount of moisture (water…

Create a Habitat for your Chameleon

With relatively simple modifications (such as adding some appropriate plants), the right type of room can become a great home for a large chameleon.

Marineland Aquarium Heaters Recall

United Pet Group has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 1.2 million Marineland aquarium heaters due to fire and laceration hazards.

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The Pelagic Gecko

The pelagic gecko is actually a species complex comprised of four karyotypic morphs and both unisexual and bisexual populations.

Lizard Prolapse

My reptile appears to have a prolapse. Is there anything I can do to keep him comfortable before his vet appointment?

What Caused The Death of My Leopard Gecko?

  Q. I purchased a leopard gecko lizard for my son a few weeks ago and everything seemed to be going fine until this morning when I went home and found her dead. On her underbelly was a large greenish area…

Baby Chameleon Not Feeding

I put crickets in the chameleon's cage and I also feed it mealworms in a dish. The chameleon does not seem to eat enough. Any suggestions?

Reptile Vomiting And Regurgitating

I have noticed one of my female lizards coughing and regurgitating her food, roughly five to 10 minutes after feeding. What could be the problem?

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