Disease Management

Mites in Reptiles

Mites can be both a nuisance and a costly problem in any reptile collection.

Fibropapilloma: A Devastating Sea Turtle Disease

Sea turtles have always been considered a sentinel animal in our world’s oceans—the canaries in the coal mine, if you will. These present-day dinosaurs have remained relatively unchanged since the beginning of time. There are many challenges to their existence…

Diagnosing And Treating Dysecdysis aka Retained Shed

Causes Dysecdysis means an abnormal shedding of the dead outer skin of a reptile. It often indicates suboptimal husbandry, however it may be a sign of certain infectious diseases, such as external or internal parasites, septicemia, inclusion body disease of…

Retained Eyecaps In Reptiles Causes And Solutions

Causes A spectacle is the fused eyelid of a squamate reptile. A retained spectacle is when this fused eyelid does not come off with the rest of the reptile’s shed skin. Species At-Risk Snakes and those lizards that lack eyelids…

Causes, Prevention, And Treatment Of Snake Mites, Acariasis

Causes Ophionyssus natricis­ is very common in snakes and occasionally infests lizards.  Trombiculid mites (chiggers). Ophionyssus acertinus is the “lizard mite” which is rare on snakes. There are more than 200 mites and ticks that parasitize reptiles. KEVIN WRIGHT, DVM,…

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