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Eastern Box Turtle Ear Infection

I have a 4-year-old (approx.) juvenile eastern box turtle. Within the past week its ear membrane has bulged outward. The turtle does not try to rub or scratch it or display recognizable characteristics indicating it's in pain. I am trying…

Lizard Prolapse

My reptile appears to have a prolapse. Is there anything I can do to keep him comfortable before his vet appointment?

Snake With Rat Bite

Q. I’ve had my female ball python for six years. I’ve fed her live rats since she was big enough to need them and have never had a problem. But today the rat I fed her left a small scratch wound.…

Bearded Dragon Lizard With Small Bumps

Q: I have recently noticed a line of what I can only describe as small bumps on the underside of my bearded dragon’s rear. Could you tell me what you think this could be and any advice about treating them?…

Lizard Prolapse From Cloaca

I was wondering what I should do about this thing sticking out of my lizard’s cloaca? Is it a prolapse?

Reptile Vomiting And Regurgitating

I have noticed one of my female lizards coughing and regurgitating her food, roughly five to 10 minutes after feeding. What could be the problem?

Ball Python Snake Underbelly Redness

I have noticed recently that the underside of my ball python at about halfway down (from the middle of her body to her tail) has a reddish tint to it.

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