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Giving Reptiles Medication Via Feeders

Q. Can we give medication to our reptiles by putting the meds inside feeders, such as a pinky mouse? Dan Folsum via the Internet A. It depends on the type of medication you're giving your reptile. It would certainly be easier and…


An injured crocodile was taken to surgery, and about four hours, four plates and 41 stainless steel screws later, “RoboCroc,” was reborn.

Anorexic Leopard Gecko

I was told my lizards have worms and was prescribed Panacur, which I’ve administered now for a week without any change in condition. What else can I do?

Donating Herps For Research

My daughter's lizard recently died. She is storing it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Can we donate it for research and to whom?

Turtle Foot Problem

I have a painted turtle whose feet look soggy and have turned a white color. The back feet are almost completely covered and the front feet are partially covered. He has spent the winter in a tub with a slider…

Herp Everted Hemipenis

I noticed my lizard has a large bump on his underside near where the tail connects to his body.

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