Petsmart Teams With Snapchat To Promote Reptile Keeping

The retailer and social media platform offer an augmented reality lens to transform user’s faces to reptiles based on a quiz.
Petsmart Snap
Petsmart and Snapchat have teamed up to create an AR lens to promote reptile keeping.

Petsmart announced it is using an augmented reality lens with the Snapchat social medial platform in an effort to promote reptile keeping. The AR lens, in combination with a quiz that user’s take, will transform the user’s face into a reptile based on the answers to the quiz. The goal is to capture Snapchat users and their friends, family, and followers and introduce them to reptile keeping and hopefully get them to purchase at the big box retailer.

Users of the AR lens, which are available in the Snapchat carousel of AR lenses as well as via a Snapcode barcode, also receive 40 percent off a pet reptile when a PetSmart Thrive starter kit is purchased.

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Petsmart wants to  to educate and engage Snapchat users with a “gamified” experience that includes a reptile quiz, a more interactive approach to marketing. The hope is to drive customers to Petsmart stores. The AR lens was jointly created by Petsmart and Snapchat in part to substitute the in-store experience during the pandemic when less folks are staying home and not venturing out as much.

The company said that it has seen a 50 percent increase in reptile sales during the pandemic, as more households introduce pet reptiles into their homes.

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