North Carolina Police Officer Escorts Snapping Turtle Across The Road

May 4, 2018

Police officers have to respond to a lot of calls, but how often is it that you see one escorting a reptile across the road?

The Durham Police Department in North Carolina posted a photo on Facebook and Twitter of one its finest, Cpl. B.M. Glover, helping a snapping turtle across a two lane road in the town. Traffic was stopped as Glover carried the turtle, very carefully, to the other side of the road. 

“The DPD is in the business of promoting safety,” the department tweeted. “We just hope this little guy looks both ways before he crosses next time.”

Followers of the department’s Twitter page responded in kind. 

“We are glad DPD Cpl. B.M. Glover took a few minutes to help this turtle safely cross busy N.C. 54 between N.C. 751 and Interstate 40 yesterday afternoon,” the department wrote on its Facebook page. 

Thanks to Officer Glover, this turtle avoided what could have been a bad situation. 

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