New Hemidactylus Gecko Species Discovered In Tamil Nadu, India

January 30, 2018

Indian researchers R. Chaitanya, Varad Giri and Aparna Lajmi have discovered and described a new species of Hemidactylus lizard from the Meghamalai massif Tamil Nadu region of India.

Hemidactylus vanam

R. Chaitanya, Varad Giri and Aparna Lajmi/Facebook

This screenshot shows the tubercles that are present throughout much of the gecko's body.

The lizard, Hemidactylus vanam is a large gecko of about 112.2mm in length, and is found living in rocky areas of Tamil Nadu. It is a mottled beigeish-brown in coloration with distinct tubercles throughout much of the body. In addition, its tail features spike-like protuberances that give it a unique look for a gecko. The suggested common name for the species is the Meghamalai rock gecko.

A new species of Hemidactylus from Tamil Nadu, India. Hemidactylus vanam – named in honour of a non-governmental…

Posted by Varad Giri on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hemidactylus vanam was named after a non governmental organization that conducts conservation work in the Theni District, Tamil Nadu, India. Vanam has supported the researchers working in the Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary.


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