Illinois State Rep. Brad Stephens To Host Virtual Reptile Show

Stephens will star in two videos that will be released on YouTube and his own district website.
Illinois State Rep Stephens
How often do you see a politician holding a monitor lizard? Photo courtesy Illinois state Rep. Brad Stephens

Illinois state Rep. Brad Stephens, who is also the mayor of Rosemont, IL will participate in a virtual reptile show that will be posted to YouTube and his district’s website starting August 17.

“Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel our annual kids fair,” Stephens told the Daily Herald. “However, we usually have the Traveling World of Reptiles at our fair to put on a show. I was happy to host this show, even though some of the animals were a little frightening.”

Stephens will appear in two videos for “Reptiles Go Virtual.” In the first video, Stephens will interact with frogs, snakes and spiders. The video will be released on YouTube.

Part two, which will be released August 18, will feature Stephens interacting with lizards and tortoises. The video will be shared on YouTube.

Both videos will be posted to Stephens told the Daily Herald that he hopes to host the annual Kids Fair next year.

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