Hatchling Iguanas Run For Their Lives From Galapagos Racer Snakes in The BBC's Planet Earth 2

November 7, 2016

BBC’s "Planet Earth 2" has just released what some say is probably the greatest scene in animal documentary history.

David Attenborough’s team of filmmakers were in the Galapagos Islands filming hatchling marine iguanas as they find their way out of the sand and onto the rocks before they venture into the ocean. But the first episode of "Planet Earth 2" has blown up the Internet due in part to the crafty editing and score showcasing the plight of these lizards. They have to deal with Galapagos racer snakes that are out to eat them. 

The editing and the score is incredible. In one scene combined with an excellent music track, the racer snakes, as if on cue, and reminiscent of a scene out of Jurassic Park, perk their heads up in unison as they watch and then chase the little lizards across the sand. 

At first it is a single snake chasing a lizard, and then it is two snakes, until an army of racer snakes are out to try and capture the lizard. The snakes chase lizards through the sand and onto the rocks, snapping at the ones that get away and constricting those that are caught. It is just some real impressive imagery.

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