Go See Sandy

Although editors by necessity have to spend much of their time shackled to their desks cranking out articles for our magazines, occasionally we get to venture forth into the public. I wrote about one of my recent forays at the America’s Family Pet Expo in my blog a couple weeks ago. That was fun.

Sandy Quinn, Sales Manager for REPTILES magazine, tries to pry the biggest Komodo monitor I’ve ever seen off a sign at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.


My sales manager on REPTILES, Sandy Quinn gets to roam more than I do, and she spends a lot of time hob-knobbing with reptile folk. Sandy travels to lots of reptile expos and shows around the country. She’s a common site, running up and down expo aisles, greeting her many friends (and clients) and playing catch-up (and possibly hitting them up for advertising, too, of course).

This weekend, May 16 and 17, Sandy will be doing something that’s a little unusual for her. She’ll be giving a presentation to the attendees at the Herp World Expo at the Cow Palace in Daly City, Calif. There she plans to talk to people about ReptilesMagazine.com.

“I’m looking forward to telling everyone about ReptilesMagazine.com, and all the interesting information and activities it has to offer,” Sandy said. “There’s so much you can do on the site, I want to be sure people are aware of the possibilities.”

You’re on ReptileChannel right now so you may already know all about it. But if you’re in the area, even if you know ReptilesMagazine.com inside and out, go see Sandy at the Herp World Expo and tell her what you think. Like I said in a recent blog, we’re always looking for input. Plus, of course, the expo promises to feature plenty of vendors and great animals, so if you can go check it out!

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