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Keeping White's Treefrogs

Few frogs are as instantly recognizable as the chubby White's treefrog (Ranoidea caerulea). So named after John White, who first described the species in 1790, White's treefrogs tend to be mostly green or teal, even though their scientific name refers…

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Severe Perkinsea Infection Detected In Panama and UK Tadpoles

Researchers studying an emerging disease that is killing tadpoles in North America have found instances of the disease in tadpoles in Panama and the United Kingdom. The disease, called Severe Perkinsea Infection (SPI) has been killing tadpoles in the United…

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New Litoria Chocolate Frog Species Discovered In New Guinea

A new frog species of the Litoria caerulea group has been discovered in Papua New Guinea that is chocolate brown in coloration. The frog, named Litoria mira, is native to New Guinea and its habitat consists of swampy lowland rainforests.…

New Restrictions Proposed On Box Turtles, Native Herps In Virginia

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources has proposed new restrictions on the keeping of native reptiles and amphibians, and would ban the keeping of box turtles completely, according to a report on While the proposal is targeted at poachers,…

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