Do You Want To Build A Snow Snake? These Coloradans Already Did

Pythonicus mosleysnowitis measures 77 feet in length.
Snow Snake
The snow snake measures 77 feet in length. Photo by chingerdingz/Instagram

When it snows what do you do? Build a snowman? For a family in Denver, CO, a snowman was too quaint, so they set out and built a snow snake. That’s right, a 77 foot (23 meters) Colorado snow snake (Pythonicus mosleysnowitis). This species is native to Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood and is only seen after severe snow storms. The interesting trait with this species is it grows to full length in just 10 hours but can disappear in a single day with warm temperatures and sunshine.

Morn Mosley and his five siblings spent 10 hours sculpting and packing the snowy serpent in their front yard, using the copious amounts of the white stuff that blanketed Denver over the last few days.

The snake was painted in green and orange with diamonds on its back, complete with a flickered tongue. This isn’t the first time the family has showcased their art. In 2019, a tiger snow sculpture they created was also a hit on social media.

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