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Welcome to ReptilesMagazine's Creature Caption Contest

ReptilesMagazine's Creature Caption Contest is a monthly contest. Each month we will post a photo, it is up to you to write a witty caption and send it in to us. Our editorial staff will select one winning caption from the entries received and post the winning caption along with the picture. The winning caption will receive 1,000 Club Reptile reward points. You can also submit a picture to be used as the photo for the caption contest. If your photo is used, you will receive 1,000 Club Reptile reward points. 

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Winning Captions

garter snake


Captions Submission Qualifications

Check out the current photo posted and create a witty caption for it.

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How To Submit Captions
Please be sure to include the following information in your submission, and email it to Please put "Submit Caption” in the subject line.

Required Information
First and Last name:
Club Reptile account email:
Caption Submission text:

Submit caption for current image: January 1, to January 31, 2014

Caption submissions will be judged on:
Originality and Style
Cohesiveness with image


How To Submit Photos
Photos must be well lit and in focus. Digital images should be a minimum of 72 dpi and 600 pixels wide.

By Mail:
Creature Caption Contest
3 Burroughs, Irvine, CA 92618

By E-mail: send to
Please put "Caption Photo” in the subject line.

Required Information
First and Last name:
Club Reptile account email:
Species of herp(s) in picture:

Captions Disclaimer

All submissions become the property of the publisher. Any future use, in BowTie Inc. magazines or websites, is at the discretion of BowTie Inc. No payment will be awarded. Entrants certify that they own the animals photographed or have the owner’s permission to enter the contest. Entrants also certify that any pictures they submit are their own and not taken from other sources. Only one caption submission per Club Reptile account may be submitted in a round. All submissions are subject to the discretion of editors.

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