Snake Species

Palm Pit Vipers Of The Genus Bothriechis

Middle America—the area connecting North and South America that stretches from Mexico through Panama—is a geologically complex region. Characterized by lowlands near the coasts and mountain ranges that form a discontinuous backbone, the region supports an intricate mix of ecological…

A Bevy Of Sand Boas

Bonus content from the January 2012 REPTILES magazine article "African Treasure."

Viper Boa

Why would anyone call the harmless snake Candoia aspera by the dangerous-sounding name of “viper boa”?

Columbian Redtail Boa

Boa constrictors (subspecies include Boa c. constrictor, B. c. imperator, B. c. occidentalis, etc.) are large, live-bearing snakes found in Central and South America.