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New Species Of Odd-Scaled Snake Discovered In Vietnam

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History researchers announced today that they have discovered and described a new species of burrowing snake from Vietnam's Ha Giang province. The snake, Achalinus zugorum, named in honor of George Zug, the Smithsonian’s retired curator…

USARK Working Hard In D.C.

President Phil Goss meets with House and Senate congressional members to express opposition to USFWS efforts on Lacey Act

Snake Anatomy

Know your snake inside and out with this snake anatomy introduction.

Rethinking Reptile Lighting

  In the early 1940s, our knowledge of the effects of light on reptiles and amphibians was very limited. It wasn’t until 1944 that we learned of the amazing ability of reptiles to maintain relatively stable body temperatures through thermoregulation.…