New Book Showcases Rare and Incredible Herp Photography

All over the world there are extraordinary Reptiles and Amphibians hiding among the unique habitats they exist in, but many of us will never see them. While herping is a naturalist favorite for everyone, very few people get up close and…

Extinct Reptiles and Amphibians

Extinction means an animal is gone forever, so they will never be back! Reptiles and amphibians are currently facing this risk, where 20% of the described reptiles are threatened or endangered, and 31% of the amphibians (over 2000 species) are…

Venomous Or Poisonous?

Go to any reptile show or zoo, and I can guarantee you will find herpetoculture’s future generation pointing at a reptile or amphibian on display and asking their parents, “Mommy, Daddy is that snake/frog/ lizard poisonous?” Everyone has to walk…

Reptile Lighting

Bonus content from the May 2009 REPTILES magazine article "Catching Wavelengths."

The Slow Worm

The legless lizard of Europe is a secretive creature that is often overlooked.