Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Seeks Bra Hooks To Stitch Up Turtle Shells

July 1, 2019

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wrote on its Facebook page June 29 that it is seeking bra hooks to help repair turtle shells that have been damaged. The organization wrote its FB followers to save both sides of the bra hooks and only send in the ends, not the entire bra. 

Posted by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue on Saturday, June 29, 2019

"If we get bras that are in good shape we will donate them to the local shelter. The ones that are no longer usable we will recycle the clasps. So please don't make negative comments about how we are taking things away from needy women. We can do both!!" the group wrote.

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The shells of the turtles are attached together with the bra hooks and zip ties, with the hooks glued onto the shells with adhesive. As the two pieces of shell fuse, the ties are tightened to ensure a good bond. 

The rescue told Fox News that it has been seeing as many as 40 turtles a week during the last month, with many showing shell damage after being hit by a car, lawnmowers, or boats.

While the organization made the request for bra hooks, it is most in need of donations. You can donate to the rescue on its website.


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