Buffalo Zoo Wants Stolen Red-Footed Tortoise Returned

Red was taken June 2 from the Rainforest Falls exhibit
Red Footed Tortoise Buffalo Zoo
Red was stolen from the zoo's Rainforest Falls exhibit. Photo by Buffalo Zoo.
red-footed tortoise

Someone stole the Buffalo Zoo’s resident red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria), and the zoo is hoping that she will be returned safely. Red, as she is affectionally called, was stolen June 2 from the zoo’s Rainforest Falls exhibit.

“In our Buffalo Zoo community, we share both the highs and lows. Today we’re sad to report that Red, the red-footed tortoise was stolen from Rainforest Falls during an incident at the Zoo last night. We’re working closely with the BPD to ensure her safe return,” the zoo said in a tweet on Twitter.

If you have any information about Red, please contact the Buffalo Police Department at (716) 847-2255. You can leave your tip anonymously.

Red-Footed Tortoise Care Sheet

Red-footed tortoises are widely captive bred. The species is considered by some to be a great reptile to keep as they don’t get big and have interesting personalities. They are native to South America and are known to live more than 50 years.

The zoo renovated its Reptile House in 2018 and opened in 2019 as the Donna M. Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center (A.R.C.). The zoo, originally built in 1942 by Marlin Perkins of Wild Kingdom, and then Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, was once considered to be the best reptile and amphibian facility in the nation. Among many other initiatives, the zoo was part of a captive breeding effort for the Puerto Rican crested toad, which is critically endangered.

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