Bearded Dragon Rescued By Hikers In Sonoma County, CA

Someone apparently abandoned or lost the lizard. Thankfully it is now in good hands.

Someone apparently abandoned or lost a bearded dragon  (Pogona vitticeps) on a hiking trail on Taylor Mountain in Sonoma County, CA and if it weren’t for two hikers on the trail who spotted it March 21, the pet lizard may have perished. The hikers were discussing how to save the reptile when two off-duty Sheriff’s Office members who were also out on the trail, stopped by and offered to help.

“None of us were lizard experts, so we called Sonoma County Reptile Rescue for help, the unidentified sheriff’s office worker wrote on the Sonoma Sheriff Facebook page. “They told us bearded dragons are docile creatures and asked us to bring the lizard to them. “Jean Ann )one of the hikers who first spotted the bearded dragon) gently picked it up and carried it down to the parking lot. She gave it a little goodbye pet, then we drove this sweet creature to Sonoma County Reptile Rescue.”

5 Facts About The Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

The reptile rescue said the bearded dragon was good looking and in good health and is currently caring for it, hoping to find it a forever home.

The bearded dragon is probably the most popular lizard kept as a pet due in part to its curious nature. When properly cared for, they can live quite long for a smaller lizard and are one of the most widely captive bred lizards in the world.

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As they were finishing their hike at Taylor Mountain today, two local women…

Posted by Sonoma Sheriff on Sunday, March 21, 2021

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