Author: Mark O'Shea

The Slow Worm

The legless lizard of Europe is a secretive creature that is often overlooked.

The Wolf's Wedge Skink

The Wolf's wedge skink is a cryptozoic, semifossorial skink with an elongate body, covered in smooth, shiny scales and reduced limbs.

Bevel-Nosed Boas

Bevel-nosed boas have narrow heads, long prehensile tails and a variable pattern.

The New Guinea Small-Eyed Snake

The New Guinea small-eyed snake is a secretive nocturnal elapid with a striking patterning that ranges from red bands on a white background in juveniles, to buff or brown bands on a lighter brown background in adults.

The Jakati River Skink

Emoia jakati is a super-species named for the Jakati River on the Vogelkop Peninsula of Indonesian New Guinea.

The Sand Lizard

The sand lizard is Britain’s rarest and most threatened lizard.