Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Save Eggs From Road-Killed Carpet Python

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are incubating the 12 eggs rescued from the deceased mama snake.
Carpet Python
An x-ray revealed the eggs inside the road killed carpet python. Photo by Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital/Facebook

A carpet python (Morelia spilotes) that got hit by a car and died in Australia was gravid with 12 eggs, and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors were able to save the eggs.

The snake was brought into the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and later succumbed to her wounds. A x-ray though revealed that she was carrying eggs. The hospital was then able to successfully remove all 12 eggs and they are now in an incubator. The eggs should hatch in 50 to 60 days.

“Thankfully, the team at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital were able to successfully remove her twelve eggs, and place them in an incubator! Once these little beauties hatch, we’ll release them into the wild!”

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Carpet pythons are native to Australia and New Guinea and are a hardy medium sized python. They are called carpet pythons due to their beautiful colorations that some say look like the patterns and colors of the woven carpets of the Middle East. There are a range of subspecies of carpet python and they are also widely captive-bred for reptile keepers.

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