Are Green Iguanas Decreasing In Popularity?

I remember when green iguanas used to be everywhere. Nowadays, I don’t see them as much. Are fewer people keeping green iguanas? I’d hate to see them disappear, as I still think a green iguana is a very cool-looking lizard.

Andy Tolen
Detroit, Mich.

What is likely happening, Andy, is there are better-educated reptile enthusiasts who know how big green iguanas can get, and that it requires real work to give them the right kind of home. This has likely resulted in not as many being sold, with the bearded dragon, for one, “de-throning” the green iguana as the world’s most popular pet lizard.

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So while perhaps not as many people are now keeping green iguanas, those who are know what they’re doing, and as a result, the lizards are living longer and healthier in captivity than they might otherwise have been. That’s a good thing!  

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