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Three Things You Need To Know About Tortoise Food

As a proud tortoise owner, you know your reptile needs good nutrition to stay healthy and well but what does a balanced, complete tortoise diet include? “Tortoises need foods that are appropriate for their species, age and lifestyle,” said Dr.…

Working With The Rare Ryukyu Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

The Japanese government thought so highly of the unique and beautiful Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle (Geoemyda japonica) that the turtle was designated as a National Natural Monument on June 26, 1975 (who knew that a turtle could be classified as…

5 Key Elements of Reptile Nutrition

From turtles and tortoises to iguanas and lizards, a complete and balanced diet is critical for the health and longevity of reptiles. Complete means all nutrients required for the species’ age and lifestyle are included, and balanced means all nutrients…

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New Restrictions Proposed On Box Turtles, Native Herps In Virginia

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources has proposed new restrictions on the keeping of native reptiles and amphibians, and would ban the keeping of box turtles completely, according to a report on Virginiamercury.com. While the proposal is targeted at poachers,…

Tortoise Stolen From Florida’s Riverland Nursery

Someone stole Calypso, a yellow-footed tortoise (Geochelone denticulata) from the Riverland Nursery in Fort Myers, Florida, and the folks at the nursery would like her back. The tortoise has been at Riverland for many years and even has her own…

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Butterflies Drink the Tears of Turtles in Stunning Video

When you think of butterflies, there may not be an immediate correlation to Reptiles, but they may have a more common relationship than previously thought. The Lepidoptera group, which includes moths and butterflies, have adapted to exploit obscure sources of nutrition, like tears. Butterflies and other…

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