20 Years And A Changed REPTILES World

It’s hard to believe that REPTILES has embarked on its twentieth year of publishing since that first October issue with the green iguana on the cover made it’s debut in October 1993.

So much has happened to the reptile hobby since then. Species such as the bearded dragon and ball python became pet superstars. Reptile breeders realized a good living could be had from a thriving industry with a thirst for new color morphs and animals. Reptiles that were nearly impossible to keep alive as pets years ago, such as chameleons, have a better chance of living healthy captive lives, due in part to the research that’s gone into perfecting reptile products unheard of 20 years ago. Reptile expos have increased in number, too, and pet stores have installed sections devoted to reptiles and their care. And of course, the Internet proliferated, offering even more opportunities for animals and info.

The reptilekeeping hobby has taken some hits, too, such as the recent ban on the importation and transportation of nine constrictors. Other states have enacted other laws, too, and this has given hobbyists and professionals reason to unite for a common cause: the preservation of our right to keep pet herps.

It’s been a changing world all right, and I’d like to thank you all for making REPTILES a part of yours!

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