This Pac Man Frog Isn’t Too Happy Being Poked

January 26, 2016

Have you ever been bitten by a Pac Man frog?  Does it hurt? The latest Pac Man frog video making the social media rounds shows a man prodding a Pac Man frog with his fingers, getting the frog to screech in displeasure. But it didn't bite the man. It is obvious the little frog doesn’t like being poked and prodded and even tries to get away from the hands that harass it. 

The video was apparently reposted last month after the original was removed from Youtube, and so far it has been viewed just north of 100,000 times. The comments on Youtube are more about the hand that harasses the frog than the frog itself. Those comments can get pretty crass.

Pacman frog


This frog isn't too happy being poked.

Horned frogs are commonly known as Pac Man frogs due to their large mouth and their penchant to eat virtually anything that it can fit in its mouth. There are several species available in the hobby, including C. cranwelli, C. cornuta, C. testudo, C. stolzmanni, C. joazeirensis, C. calcarata and C. aurita. The most common of the species is the Argentine horned frog, Ceratophrys ornata.

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