New Frog Species Of The Genus Bryophryne Discovered In Peru

October 13, 2015

A new frog species was discovered in Cusco, Peru near the converging point of the Andes and Amazonian slopes between 3,605 and 3,651 meters above sea level. The frog, which has not yet been described, was discovered by park rangers and protected area specialists in the National Sanctuary Megantoniin in Cusco.

Bryophryne sp.

National Service of Protected Areas by the State/peru

The frog belongs to the genus Bryophryne and features a smooth dorsal skin with olive green bumps throughout its body.

The frog belongs to the genus Bryophryne and features a smooth dorsal skin with olive green bumps throughout its body. Another notable feature about this amphibian is it lacks the basal membrane and keel in its fingers. The frog is brownish orange in coloration with a cream belly and orange throat and legs. 

Bryophryne frogs are endemic to the Cusco region of Peru and reach a maximum snout to vent length of 1.15 inches, making them very tiny frogs. There are currently eight described species in the genus: Bryophryne abramalagae, Bryophryne bustamantei, Bryophryne cophites, Bryophryne flammiventris,Bryophryne gymnotis, Bryophryne hanssaueri, Bryophryne nubilosus, and Bryophryne zonalis. With the exception of Bryophryne cophites, discovered in 1975, all the species are recent discoveries in the last 10 years. 

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