New Colubrid Snake Discovered in the Andes

December 3, 2015

A new colubrid snake species from the Andes has been discovered and described and it is known for its jet black eyes and slim body. 

Synophis zaheri

Robert Alexander Pyron, Juan Manuel Guayasamin, Nicolas Peñafiel, Lucas Bustamante, AlejandroArteaga

Synophis zaheri measures less than 40cm in length.

Called Synophis zaheri, the snake measures less than 40cm in length and has a slim body and a distinct neck that separates the head from the body. It sports large, bulbous eyes that are dark black in coloration. Its back is grayish-brown in coloration while its belly and sides are yellowish-white in coloration. The snake was found at the Buenaventura Lodge in Ecuador

Two specimens were found, both active at night in evergreen foothill forest. The first was found on the ground, while the second snake was found about 50cm above the ground in a bush. 

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