Freedom Frog Released From Pennsylvania Prison

December 21, 2015

Eric Miskovitch was doing hard time in Graterford Prison in Pennsylvania when he found a toad in the prison yard. The toad was in some dirt between cracks in a wall that had sprouted a small tree. Miskovitch had another inmate smuggle the amphibian into his cell and they made a habitat for it in a water basin. That was two months ago.

After completing a 12-year prison sentence and after two months feeding the toad prison yard worms, Miskovitch was released from prison, and his very first order of business when he got out was to release the toad, because “Nature does not belong in concrete and steel. That was not what God intended for nature - and that was not what God intended for man."

Miskovitch released the toad in some grass along the Schuylkill River Trail and gave him a name; the Freedom Frog. And he asked a stranger to make a video of him releasing the toad. Miskovitch says he is done with prison and won't go back. Hopefully he won't ever have to.

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