Women Who Tried To Save Snapping Turtle But Ran It Over May Face Charges

March 1, 2018

Two women in Alabama who apparently pulled over to the side of the road to save what appeared to be a snapping turtle but instead ended up running the reptile over may face animal cruelty charges for killing the turtle. 

snapping turtle

Brian E Kushner/Shutterstock

Common snapping turtle.

The unidentified women told WAAY31 News that they initially tried to save the animal, but when it started snapping, one of the women “sarcastically" said to run it over.

"I love turtles. That's why we were getting out and trying to save it, but once it started snappin' at me I was like, oh my god, just forget it. Run it over. Lets go," one women told WAAY31 News

The women, who posted a video of the turtle, alive, on Snapchat, and then after it was run over are also receiving death threats from the Internet for their apparent actions.

"People saying they're going to kill my family, that I need to kill myself. That they're going to burn my house on fire," said one woman. "I don't feel safe at all."

Folks on social media however, were not buying their story. 


According to WAAY31 News, the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the incident, and the women may face charges of animal cruelty. 

This incident is reminiscent of two teenagers in Florida who, in 2015,  burned and stomped a hatchling gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) to death and then posted the video on Facebook. One of the teens, Jennifer Emoke Greene, then 18, was found incompetent to stand trial.


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