Woman Asks For Help On Facebook To Find Her Rainbow Boa

July 10, 2018

A woman in Manchester, United Kingdom has lost her rainbow boa and she is enlisting help from her friends on Facebook to try and find him. 

Good morning, please can you keep an eye out for Prometheus he's a rainbow boa who's highly skilled in escaping and has...

Posted by Eliana Afonso on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Eliana Afonso, 22, of Droylsden, posted up a photo of Prometheus, saying in the post that he escaped his vivarium and possibly crawled out the window. She notes that the snake is very shy and that if someone sees him, to not be afraid to pick him up.

rainbow boa

Patrick K. Campbell/Shutterstock

Rainbow boas are a beautiful boa subspecies that have a distinct sheen to their skin.

The 5-year-old snake has been missing since July 7. 

“He’s likely to have crawled somewhere tight and dark during the day, possibly drainpipes, but there’s more chance of him being under or behind stuff like sheds or just anything that will provide darkness," Afonso told the Manchester Evening News. "If anyone finds him please try to put him in a box or inside a pillow case and tie the end and contact me to come and get him.”

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Rainbow Boa Care Sheet

Rainbow boas are a beautiful boa subspecies that have a distinct sheen to their skin. They range in color from orange to a deep-red and orange with black stripes. When you look at them you can see a variety of colors, including blues, greens and purples. They are a very specialized species and are widely captive-bred. 

If you find or see Prometheus, you can contact Eliana directly on Facebook or email  sam.yarwood@reachplc.com


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