White Crocodile Spotted In Australia’s Adelaide River

November 27, 2017

A white crocodile was spotted last week in Australia’s Adelaide River, defying the odds that such a rare reptile could survive to the size she has. The croc, named Pearl, was spotted last week by staff and customers of the Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise. She was swimming on the river.

A white crocodile seen in the Adelaide River, Australia

NT Crocodile Conservation & Protection Society

Pearl, a white crocodile, has defied the odds and has grown to a respectable size.

“Pearl is a extremely rare croc especially given her size. Most crocs with this colouring do not survive long in the wild,” the NT Crocodile Conservation & Protection Society wrote on its Facebook page.

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The Appeal of Whiteness in Reptiles

“Pearl has particularly touched our hearts as it is highly likely she is the offspring of Michael Jackson, the croc pictured on our society page.
Michael had a interesting look with a black body and a white head. Many of you will remember the attempts we made to save this croc after he took a local fisherman. Michael is gone but it’s nice to know his genes live on in the river.”

Posted by NT Crocodile Conservation & Protection Society on Sunday, November 19, 2017

It is widely believed that animals that are not normal in coloration, such as those that are leucistic or hypomelanistic do not survive very long in the wild due to lack of camouflage. Pearl seems to have beaten the odds in that she is already a fairly large crocodile with few predators. Hopefully she will live on to a nice old age. 


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