What Would You Do if a Monitor Lizard is Knocking at Your Front Door?

June 16, 2016

A man in Thailand happened upon a big monitor lizard on his front porch and the event was captured on video. In the video, the monitor lizard is standing on its hind legs with its claws on a door and a wall on the porch. The dog and another person are standing behind a screened door which is closed.

A man then appears in the scene and starts to fashion some sort of lasso or rope, apparently with the intent of trying to capture the lizard. The lizard seems to start to get agitated and you can see its tail start to sway back and forth. The dog inside the house is barking and a woman is saying something to the man outside. 

"Hia is in our house. It’s f@$%ing huge!" a man says in Thai, as translated by Coconuts Bangkok.

“They say if you throw a coin at it, it will go away! It's like giving the lizard luck and fortune!" a woman reportedly says. 

The man tries to throw the hoop around its neck and the video ends. It is not known what happened after the video ended. 


There is no real explanation as to why the lizard was on the porch, but thankfully, the man’s dog was in the house when the lizard decided to visit. Could it have been attracted to the small dog and was looking for an easy meal?


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