What Frog Makes A Soothing Noise?

I was wondering if you guys could recommend a frog that produces a soothing noise. My wife and I want to set up a vivarium and keep some frogs in our meditation room.

Jacob Connell

red-eyed tree frog

Careyjamesbalboa /Wikipedia

There are a variety of websites that contain recordings of frogs calling, from chirpy types to those that are more quack-like.

REPTILES has been around for more than 20 years, and I think this is the first time we’ve been asked to recommend a frog on the basis of it having a soothing call. Guess it shows there’s a first time for everything! That said, Jacob, I think your idea of including a vivarium in your meditation room is an awesome one. You should send us a photo of it once it’s set up.

Rather than name a variety of frog species for you to consider based on name alone, why not give some a listen and proceed from there? There are a variety of websites that contain recordings of frogs calling, from chirpy types to those that are more quack-like (I would probably avoid the latter if being used for meditation purposes, but to each their own ). Listen to some of those so you can decide for yourselves which species you find the most melodic, and most conducive to relaxing meditation. A couple such sites you could check out are animaldiversity.org/collections/frog_calls/ and on.doi.gov/1F9ysMH.

Another option is to Google a particular type of frog calling, such as “red-eyed tree frog calling.” Chances are, doing so will lead you to a recording or YouTube video (such as this one of red-eyed tree frogs calling: bit.ly/2mf792s).

Good luck, and don’t forget to send some pics!  —Ed.

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