Volunteers Save Turtles And Bullfrogs From Drained Oklahoma Pond

February 16, 2016

When officials decided to drain a pond in the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma, they must have forgotten to prepare for the onslaught of the newly stranded wildlife that got stuck in the mud. According to Oklahoma’s News On 6, the city decided to drain the pond in Leake Park after folks who lived around the lake requested it be drained and the silt that accumulated in the pond be removed. 

The city hired a contractor to drain the pond, but when it got down to several thousand gallons of water left, the contractor noticed several thousand fish, turtles, frogs, tadpoles and other animals stuck in the mud. People living near and around the pond got down and dirty and assisted the contractor in saving as many animals as they could from the muck. A call for help on social media led more people, mostly children, to the pond to volunteer their efforts to save the animals. In all, more than 2,000 fish were saved as well as countless tadpoles and bullfrogs and dozens of turtles.

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