Video: These Snake Catchers In Singapore Get It Done Like A Boss

October 16, 2017

Usually when you read about professional snake catchers, they are men. Often they are called to handle large or venomous snakes. But in Singapore, there is a woman with the  Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (Acres) who subdues, on average, two snakes a day and has no problem handling the large constricting snakes, like the reticulated python (Python reticulatus) in a video uploaded to Facebook by Everyday SG shows. 

'Superwomen' subdue not 1 but 2 huge pythons in drain and at w...

The snake handler, Carmen Choong, a 24-year-old rescue officer with Acres, was called to remove a 2 to 3 meter long retic from a drain and a second similarly sized retic at a construction site. She got an assist from a woman named Rebecca (no last name give).

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"The snakes in both cases are our native reticulated pythons," Kalai Vanan, Acres' deputy chief executive officer of Acres told The Straits Times. "The python from the drain had eaten something. We can only conclude from X-rays but typically, the animal should be a cat."

Think animal rescue and handling wildlife is just a job for men? Let these ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) superwomen prove you wrong https://goo.gl/PvmTkg (Video: Everyday SG)

Posted by Stomp on Saturday, October 14, 2017

The snake in the drain had to be removed because the drain was being cleaned, but otherwise, it would have been left alone, Vanan told The Straits Times.

"We had to remove the snake for the safety of the reptile and respective staff who were cleaning the drains," he said.

The other snake was removed from under a concrete slab without incident. Both retics were sent to the zoo to be microchipped and then will be released back into the wild. Pretty impressive snake handling. How would you like to have Choong’s job?


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