Video: Invasive Cuban Knight Anole Eats Bird In Hawaii

January 3, 2017

Two brothers working a roofing job in the town of Kailua on Oahu, Hawaii got a surprise when they saw and recorded a Cuban Knight anole (Anolis equestris) eating a bird on a tree branch in Kailua.

Nick and Ryan Lundquist were working on a roof December 21 when Ryan Lundquist spotted the reptile eating a bird. 

“(The bird) looked kind of mangled or whatnot. It look kind of weird, and then the next thing I know, it turns to the left, and it looks, just a big old lizard eating it, so I yell to my brother, you’ve got to get up here,” Ryan Lundquist told KHON 2.

The brothers recorded the video and then captured it, placing it in a bucket. They then contacted the Hawaii Department of Agriculture who was supposed to come out and retrieve it.

According to KHON, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture says there is a known population of the invasive lizard on the windward side of Oahu. They are just not readily seen because they live high up in the trees. 

Cuban Knight anole

James E Powers SR/Wikipedia

The Cuban Knight anole is an arboreal lizard that has become established on the windward side of Oahu in Hawaii.

The Cuban knight anole is native to Cuba and has become established in South Florida as well as Hawaii. The arboreal lizard is an opportunistic feeder, known to prey on other anoles, geckos, and small birds and mammals.

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