University of North Dakota Football Player Adopts Six-Foot Boa Constrictor Found on Road

September 26, 2016

A six-foot boa constrictor (Boa constrictor sp.) that spent about a week at a North Dakota shelter after being found on the side of a road in Grand Forks, ND has been adopted by a University of North Dakota football player. University of North Dakota Tight End Luke Fiedler acquired the snake after hearing it was available. 

According to Circle of Friends Humane Society’s Executive Director Lauralee Tupa, while there were several inquiries from folks who wished to adopt the reptile, Fiedler was the perfect candidate due to his knowledge of reptiles, and the fact that he already keeps reptiles and wants to work with reptiles after he graduates from college. 

Luke Fielder University of North Dakota

photo courtesy Luke Fiedler

University of North Dakota football player and reptile lover Luke Fiedler, and his rescue boa constrictor.

"(Fiedler) has a huge amount of knowledge of reptiles," Tupa told INFORUM. "He's spent his whole life working around reptiles, even from a young age. Tupa also told INFORUM that reptile owners are no different from owners of other animals. 

"Reptile owners are just like dog and cat owners," she said. "They're very proud of the pictures of different reptiles they own and they've rescued."

If you aren't a fan of the University of North Dakota football team, now might be a time to follow the team, as the team has a fellow herp lover caring for a rescued snake.

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