USARK Update: May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014

Update on reptile legislation throughout the United States.

Illinois SB 902

SB 902 is a pro-herp bill that has the support of Illinois herpers. This bill was tabled at the May 6 hearing and has been rescheduled for May 13. The "Herptile-Herps Act" would move herps into their own area of the code and would take precedence over other Illinois laws and enforcement regarding herps.

This bill will not pass without tremendous support from Illinois residents. Call, email and fax legislators to voice your support. All information can be found at www.usark.org/2014-blog/illinois-herptiles-act.

Illinois Pet Sale Ban

Senate Amendment 1 to HB 4056 would end the pet shop sale of puppies and kittens from breeders. This is being pushed by anti-pet groups and does not solve any problems, but does create new ones. The sale of purebred puppies and kittens would be pushed through unregulated channels if this passes and animal welfare is not protected. Organizations pushing this do not want anyone to have pets and this is one more step toward an America without companion animals.

Take action now at www.pijac.org/pet-alerts/il-residents-will-you-let-happen-gov-quinn-leading-charge-put-illinois-pet-stores-out.

"Us vs. T.H.E.M. (The Anti-Pet Agenda)"


The reptile and pet communities are under constant attack from anti-pet groups. This talk covers the history of some of the largest anti-pet organizations, animal rights vs. animal welfare, fraudulent fundraising, lobbying efforts and many other aspects of the animal rights (AR) movement. The majority of Americans are still unaware of the true agenda behind these groups and it is crucial to learn what is happening so you can educate others.

This topic will be presented by USARK's Phil Goss at the next Madison Area Herpetological Society meeting on May 9. Get more details at www.facebook.com/events/1427990740791343/ and www.madisonherps.org/calendar.


8:00 PM
Westwood Chrisian Church
5210 Odana Road
Madison, WI

Pro-Herp Radio Show

Brandon Fowler from Roaming Reptiles will be on the Inga Barks radio show this Monday (May 12) at 4:00 PM/PST. He will have his educational animals on the show and will speak about the herp community. Listen and call in! You can listen live at www.rssplayer.crystalmedianetworks.com/player/radio/knzram and the website is www.knzr.com. Brandon's website is www.roamingreptiles.com.

RAACA Raffle


Over $35,000 in prizes just announced! Check out what you can win at www.raaca.net (Click "What You Win!"). Also, be sure to visit and join the Reptile And Amphibian Charity Auction (RAACA) page at www.facebook.com/groups/RAACAUCTIONS/ to stay updated and get some intermittent comic relief. Ticket sales begin Friday. A huge thank you to all involved from USARK!

Other News/Events

Reptiles Breeders Show: May 10-11 in Lodi, CA. More details at www.thereptilebreedersshow.com.

Snake Days: May 30, 31 & June 1 in Sanderson, Texas. Great educational lectures, field herping, photo contest, clean highways project and more. Get the details at www.snakedays.com.

Biology of The Pitvipers Symposium: June 4-7 in Tulsa, OK. Learn more at www.biologyofthepitvipers.com and www.facebook.com/BiologyOfThePitvipersSymposium.

Indiana Reptile Breeders' Expo: May 18th in Clarksville, IN. More details at www.irbexpo.com.

All Ohio Reptile Show: May 31st in Columbus, OH. More details at www.allohioreptileshows.webs.com.

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