Two Sulcata Tortoises Do it at New York Fashion Week

February 18, 2016

We generally don’t cover high fashion on ReptilesMagazine.com, except for the occasional reptile-inspired shoes that come on the market or when a fashion house wants to sustainably maintain the channels in which they acquire reptile skins. But we just had to report on this story that came out of New York Fashion Week las week, which apparently is one of the biggest shows in the world of high fashion.

fashion week sulcata tortoise


Check the tortoises behind the model.

Pagesix.com reported that one of the fashion designers, Mathieu Mirano, decided to present his couture with a desert inspired theme, and as part of that theme, he had a pair of sulcata tortoises on the sand covered floor where his models strutted Mirano’s stuff. Mirano probably envisioned the tortoises just walking around the models with the focus on his collection, but a male tortoise had other ideas as he decided to mount the female and have sex with it. 

“A large male began pursuing a smaller female tortoise around the models, who stood still posing in the sand,” said one person who was at the event. “One model could barely hide her giggles as the determined male followed the female past her feet, and he then proceeded to climb aboard.”

Mathieu responded to the affair with what we would consider typical fashion speak. 
“I’m delighted my collection inspired such amorous behavior  – regardless of species. If they have kids, they should name one ‘Mathieu.'”

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