Two Aussies Who "Surfed" a Sea Turtle Face Stiff Fines

November 2, 2016

It is amazing what stupid things people do to become famous on social media. Any of you in Australia recognize the Aussies in the photo below? The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service would like to be informed as to who these two characters are. The duo, with beers in hand, climbed on the back of a sea turtle and could be faced with a A$19,965 (US15,259) fine, if the service finds them to have interfered with a natural resource, according to a report on the Fraser Coast Chronicle website.

"There is some evidence to suggest that this turtle was deceased at the time of the photo,” a QPWS spokesperson said in a statement. “QPWS are taking this matter seriously and investigating further.”

The original  photo was posted to Facebook with the caption, “Surfed a tortoise (sic) on zee weekend..gnarly duddddeeee.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA Queensland told the Fraser Coast Chronicle that the two men were complete idiots.

"These guys are just complete idiots - there's no way they should be doing what they were doing," the spokesperson said. "Per usual, they've been idiots and posted it on Facebook...(and) hopefully people on Facebook will let them know what idiots they were."

The photo has since been shared more than 11,136 times with more than 1,700 comments, most of them highly negative. 

Stunts like this are not reserved just for the land Down Under, as there are idiots in Florida who pulled a similar stunt, and one pro surfer straddled a sea turtle in the water a few years ago.  

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